long before i was born

Category: Personal


i woke up naturally early this morning anticipating Hoan’s arrival into town. i’ve been having a hard time getting up lately and i’m unsure whether its because of residual jet lag from my trips or what, but i stayed up this morning instead of going back to sleep to catch some precious z’s.

i stumbled across this video of a couple who felt compelled to name their child Chloe, even before they were even together. they struggled through years of infertility and ended up deciding to adopt. when they went to go visit the birth mom, to their surprise she had been calling the baby Chloe. like :O

tears started forming in the corners of my eyes as i was watching this story unfold. i was lying in my bed, in absolute awe of God’s beautiful work and began to reflect on my own personal life.

I thought wow… Hoan is exactly the man i dreamt of marrying… here i am living in California, which is something i had thought about for years, and pursuing my master’s in nursing education is a decision i made years ago when i was only a freshman in college!

and then it dawned on me, God has been writing my story… long before i was born, just as He has yours.

here’s the link to the video: God is Good (thanks to Katie Raddatz for sharing)





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